Virtual Learning - Synchronous and Asynchronous Models

The following learning tools and videos have been put together by your Information, Communication, Technology Consultant and Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching Contact for the DCDSB. When used responsibly, these tools can help enhance both in class and online learning for students. If you have any questions, about the learning provided below, please contact or

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Using Edsby for Remote Learning - Beginner's Guide (Elementary Teachers) - January 2021
This video is target to teachers using Edsby online for the first time in a synchronous manner for remote learning. It will show you how to send out your weekly schedule, set up zoom links, etc. for the first week back in January 2021.

Using Brightspace for Synchronous and Flipped Classe (Secondary)
This video demonstrates how to synchronously host classes and office hours using the Brightspace platform. Educators will learn how to import course content into Brightsapce, use the Virtual Classroom, use the Chat feature for Office hours and integrate Teams meetings into the Brightspace platform. We will also briefly look at assessing student work using the online marking tools and setting up TurnItIn to check for plagiarism. When you're done, you'll have many more questions ... but hopefully some of the videos below will help answer them.

Using Microsoft Teams and Edsby for Synchronous Learning (Elementary)
This video demonstrates how to use Teams to host a meeting with students. Teachers will learn how to create a team, add students, create a meeting and post the meeting link into Edsby. You will also learn how to navigate the Teams meeting once students are signed in.

Learn how to Host Office Hours two Different ways in Edsby (Messenger and Groups): (click here)
This video demonstrates how to synchronously host office hours using the Edsby platform. Educators will learn how to use the message function to communicate with students in a synchronous manner for one-on-one communication. Then we will shift gears, and show how you how to use groups to synchronously communicate with your students all together in one forum. If you are a beginner to synchronous learning, all of this can be done without the use of live video or audio - just let your fingers to the talking (typing).

Don't forget, you can view all of Michael's Edsby videos here. Some of the videos are listed below for your convenience.

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VIRTUAL CLASSROOM: This learning session has three video modules:
  1. Virtual Classes for Teachers: (click here)
    This video demonstrates how to use the Virtual Classroom in D2L's Brightspace platform (also known as the courses in your Launchpad Learning Portal). Teachers will learn how to create a virtual class to record themselves teaching lessons using tools like PowerPoints, screen sharing, and whiteboards. Teachers will also learn how to use the Virtual Classroom for synchronous meetings with students. All lessons/meetings can be recorded for later viewing.
  2. Saving Virtual Classes for more than 3 months: (click here)
    Right now, virtual classes that are recorded are only visible until August 2020. If you want to save your virtual lesson that you created for your students to be able to use indefinitely into the future (in later Brightspace courses), you can learn how to save the virtual lesson to your computer and upload it to your Brightspace course.
  3. How Students Access the Virtual Classroom: (click here)
    This video shows you how your students can log into the Launchpad Learning Portal to access Brightspace courses. It demonstrates how they can access their virtual classes and join them or view recorded lessons. You can right click on the link above and paste it into an Edsby message/fee, email, or Brightspace announcement for your students to view.

Video Notes: (click here)
Video notes are a really neat feature in D2L's Brightspace. They work on both Chrome and Firefox; but more importantly, they can be created on tablets (iPads, etc.) and smartphones as well. Teachers can create a video note anywhere that they can edit content (e.g., announcements, course work, discussions, quizzes, etc.) and students can do the same (e.g., discussions, quiz answers, etc.). This video demonstrates how teachers can create video notes in daily announcements, course work (content), and most effectively - in discussion topics.

Check out the D2L Brightspace Channel on Stream for lots of videos on D2L Brightspace specifically for the DCDSB

For all D2L Brightspace teacher tutorials and videos please go to the Launchpad Learning Portal (Brightspace homepage) and click the first link under "Teachers, do you want to learn how to use D2L in your course?". The Launchpad Learning Portal is found at: - Asynchronous Lessons and Synchrounous Meetings: (click here)
Zoom is a tool that teachers can use to create video lessons for students, or to host a virtual meeting with students. This 30 minute video shows you how to create a Zoom account, record a lesson (just you), and host & record a meeting with students. Watch one, two or all three sections. When using Zoom, remember to:
  1. Always record your meetings when you set them up
  2. Use a password for the meeting
  3. Use a waiting room for the meeting
  4. Make sure the Participant sharing is off
  5. End meeting for all when you are done
Set up a locked down meeting where students can only view (click here)
This video will show you how to set up a Zoom meeting where students are locked into a view only mode until/unless you allow different permissions (like chat, annotations or microphone/video).

Here is a PowerPoint with instructions on setting up a safer Zoom meeting. You can also use a Zoom Webinar to disallow students from sharing their video, audio and screens.

Check out the Zoom Channel on Stream for lots of videos on Zoom specifically for the DCDSB

The Zoom Website also has a number of video tutorials for teachers looking to get started or dive into other features like webinars, break out rooms, etc.

Host a Team Meeting wih a Student: (click here)
This video demonstrates how to host a Teams meeting with a student. Note: this is not a lesson with the entire class. This is to communicate with a student one on one for trouble-shooting problems; interviews; observation/conversation assessments; etc.

Check out the Teams Channel on Stream for lots of videos on Teams specifically for the DCDSB

Teams Whiteboards - in Meetings and in Live Events: (click here)
This video demonstrates how to host a Teams meeting with a students using a whiteboard. We then show you how to create a live event where you are the only presenter and students can only ask questions through the Q&A chat. Both the O365 whiteboard and Twiddla are shown as different whiteboards that can be used in conjunction with Teams.

Check out the Teams Channel on Stream for lots of videos on Teams specifically for the DCDSB

Using Stream instead of Youtube and Creating Screen Recordings: (click here)
This video demonstrates how you can use Stream to save videos in a safe and secure environment. Stream is like Youtube only better. First, it is more secure as only people in our school board have access to videos. Second, you can automatically create transcripts of your videos for closed captioning and people with hearing impariments. Finally, you can screen record in Stream to show your screen and do virtual lessons, instructions or tutorials. Stream is a game changer! (click here)
Copy this link - - and give it to students if you want them to learn how to:
  1. Log into a Zoom session
  2. Log into a D2L Brightspace Virtual Class
  3. Create video notes in D2L Brightspace classes